Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shutterbug's Delight

It's my pleasure to bring some of God's great beauties to you.  The photos I share with you were all taken by myself with one exception.  The photo of the rose in the Biltmore Rose Garden was taken by my husband, Allen.
I am thrilled to share these photos with you.  If it were possible, I would have hand picked them and brought them to you personally.  The next best way to give them to you is by posting them on this blog.
God wants us all to share in the beauty of the flowers He created.  It is my honor and delight to share them with you.  So, sit back and enjoy the show!
I would love to hear from you as to which ones are your favorite and why.  Please do comment as you are lead to do so. 
Thanks!!  Nan


  1. Nan, these are all so beautiful! I wrote a poem inspired by your first clematis bloom. I will send it to you. Well, it's posted on WC, but I'd love to see the photo and poem together, if possible (somewhere). I love the photo of the crocus - they are such delicate flowers. And the fushia, I think there is a tree like that here - I've always called them bleeding hearts, not knowing the real name. Please, post more, this has been such a serene tour through the lens of your camera and eyes of a gardener.

  2. What has the Lord been saying to you lately?

  3. Nan,

    I've been reading your poetry from Wordchimes, which I recently joined. I also love flowers and butterflies. I enjoyed your pictures very much. Do you also like birds? I enjoy identifying who's singing. Thank you!

    Connie C.